Sawbelly Brewing

Located in Exeter, NH, Sawbelly Brewing is a brewpub which offers a variety of freshly brewed beers on draft, as well as in 16oz. 4-packs to go. We also have a great Food Menu that goes far beyond the average brewpub. We focus on fresh, local ingredients. We're currently open Tuesday through Sunday, with brunch options available on Sundays. We have live music Wednesday through Sunday and performers are posted on our Website Music Page. We post regularly to all our social media pages with pics, videos, special offers and more. So make sure to follow us on
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Where does the name Sawbelly come from?

Sawbelly Brewing

About Us

The Sawbelly Brewing name was inspired by the fish on the Exeter town seal. Sawbelly is another name for an Alewife fish, which is the fish featured on the Exeter Town Seal. The original seal's image was designed by Albert N. Dow in approximately 1926. Every spring the sawbellies head from the ocean into Exeter's rivers to breed. There was a time when the sawbellies had almost disappeared due to dam installations, but this persistent little fish continued to find a way into the rivers and gain access to proper spawning grounds. After many years most of the dams have been removed, and once again the sawbellies run the rivers of Exeter every spring. The strong ties to Exeter, and the never-give-up attitude, made this fish a perfect mascot for our brewery.

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Sawbelly Brewing and Brewpub located in Exeter, NH

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